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NGOLO Movement

NGOLO is Kikongo for power, and it has been a powerful 5 months (20 weeks).

Each Saturday and Monday, we've gathered and supported each other.

We've learned from others and from each other. The 5 pillars of our movement have kept us safe, and has created a foundation for future action. Now it's time for the reset!

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Melanin Mastery

AYA has created a model to teach biology and chemistry while healing cultural alienation. This time, we use Melanin. When you learn the principles and techniques, you can adapt it to other areas as well. In this intro to Melanin Mastery - normally a year-long course, we have used snippets from our Black Body Bio-Khem classes to engage adults and youth. It was powerfully received at each stop on the Afrikan Centered Sovereignty Education tour in 2019. COVID-19 is prohibiting such a tour. Now, it’s time to take it to another level.

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Teaching About Oppression Without Depressing Our Youth

We can't pretend we have an option.  Sheltering them is futile.  Either we teach them about oppression or our enemies will.  How do we engage them?  How do we not leave them psychologically damaged?

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Celebrating Family:  Healing Alienation & Broken Stories

We're not a broken family or a broken people, we just have broken stories.

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